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Mini Bang 2017 | Registration and Fills Guidelines

Registering and Creating

Anyone can register for the mini bang and contribute a fanwork. All Merlin RPF fans are welcome!

You can contribute a fanwork anonymously.

Collaborations between creators are very welcome. Partnerships of creators with two or more different types of fanwork (e.g. fic and art, dance and knitting) are also very welcome. Creators will need to organise this themselves, either in their own space or via the registrations.

Creators can post as many fanworks as they like.

All work must be edited or betaed.

Types of Fanworks

All kinds of fanworks are accepted, as long as they meet the following requirements.

  • Fic: A minimum of 5,000 words is required for fiction. The piece must be complete, and it must stand alone (even if it relates to other work).

  • Drabble set: This is defined as a set of ten (or more) drabbles, each a minimum of 100 words, and all relating to an overall theme. The set must be complete, and must be able to stand alone.

  • Art: This includes traditional, graphic, manips, and so on. At least one completed piece must be submitted. If the artist wishes, they can also post related drafts and sketches.

  • Icon set: This is defined as a set of twenty-five (or more) icons, all relating to an overall theme. The set must be complete.

  • Fanmix: A minimum of ten songs with a theme. This must have a little blurb explaining the choice of songs, and related ‘cover’ art is always welcome.

  • Fanvid: A minimum of three minutes in length.

  • Other: Any other fanworks (such as podfics, crafts, manual arts, and so on) are very welcome. These fanworks should be substantial in ways equivalent to the above requirements. Please use the comments on this post if you want to share details, ask for collaborators or advice, or have questions for the mod.


The goal here is to be as inclusive as possible. All ‘characters’ and all pairings / moresomes are welcome. All ratings. All genres, tropes and kinks.

Let’s try to include the rare pairs and lower profile ‘characters’ as well as the more popular.

Let’s also include general and ‘character’-related work as well as romantic / sexual relationships.

Fusions and crossovers are welcome – as well as dealing with work, characters and relationships outside the Merlin family – as long as at least one of the main characters is a Merlin actor.


A posting schedule will be agreed once creators start checking in.

On your posting date, you can post your fanwork to your own journal, to your AO3 / tumblr / deviantart account, or to any other platform. However, you must also post to this community, in the agreed format, with a link to where the fanwork is hosted. (Details to follow.)

An AO3 collection is available for all merlinrpf fests. Link:

You can post to the AO3 collection anonymously using this 'child' collection:

Fanworks must be created specifically for this fest, and must not appear on any platform before your posting date. However, once you have completed the requirements of this fest, you can then cross-post the fanwork elsewhere.

Each creator must adhere to the fest rules and schedule, or the creator will not be able to post their work as part of this fest.


Master Post:

Registration and Fills Guidelines:

Promo Banner:


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