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Prompt Fest 2016 | Master Post

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Welcome to The Merlin RPF Promptacular Fest of 2016, hosted on the merlinrpf community and run by mrs_leary.

This post is the ‘central hub’ of the fest. It includes the schedule and links to the guidelines – and if you have any queries, please use the comments here.

Thanks are humbly offered to the tavern_tales and untold_legends communities for running such great fests. I am a newbie to running fests, so I trust it’s considered flattery if I learn from them. emjayelle has been particularly supportive. ♥


The following is the schedule for The Merlin RPF Promptacular Fest of 2016.

  • Friday 25 March: Prompting opens.

  • Friday 1 April: Prompting closes at 2:00 pm BST (British Summer Time).

  • Saturday 2 April: Claiming opens at 2:00 pm BST. Claiming will remain open until the check-in date.

  • Saturday 21 May: Creators to check in and claim a posting date.

  • Wednesday 1 June: Posting of fanworks begins.

Ask the Mod!

If you have any queries or concerns not covered in the Prompts and Claims Guidelines or the Fills Guidelines, or you wish to discuss some aspect of the fest, then please use the comments in this post.

If you would prefer to discuss something in private, then please PM me mrs_leary or email me

I will always follow up with you as soon as I possibly can. However, please remember that (like most of us) I am juggling a variety of commitments.


Master Post

Prompts and Claims Guidelines

Fills Guidelines

Promo Banners



Huzzah! I hope you enjoy the fest!

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